Majunga Tower

Puteaux - La Défense, France

Structural engineering: SETEC TPI
Facade engineering: EPP France
Fluid engineering: INEX 
Interiors design: Saguez Workstyle
Surface area: 69 500 sq m
Height: 195m / 46 storeys 
Budget: €200 M + Tax 
Mandate: Design and oversight of works + landscaping
Certification : BREEAM Excellent 
Awards: BREEAM Awards 2012 / Grand Prix du Simi 2014

The desire for asymmetrical layout in respect with the central hub leds us to design three bands differing thicknesses given full expression resulting in volume through a striving for autonomy of form.

Thus three bracketed plates are used, each deployed in its own way but designed to form a whole: diversity and uniqueness. The resulting tower is a new-style building where singularity is clearly stated without having to rise beyond 180 metres. This principle enables a response to the specific context of the tower at its base by connecting it to the esplanade and the new gardens below. It also makes it possible to manage the tower’s contact with the sky by using an original top which underlines the breaking down of the volume into three parts.

A very high environmental quality tower:

The «double skin» facade offers numerous benefits: plenty of natural daylight floods into the offices, but they are also protected by an integrated sunshade system. Energy consumption is thereby cut both for lighting and air-conditioning. The facade materials used are: glass for the window frames and sills, and aluminium for the joinery and opaque components of the facades.

On the southern side, loggias and plants are used behind glass slates. These loggias form hollows in the façade and repeats along the full height of the tower, each recessed a little further than the last, contrasting with the smooth, spare surfaces of the other facades. This new typology brings an original dimension to the tower.

Balconies and loggias, often associated with domestic construction, here make an appearance in a tertiary building. These spaces provide employees with access to free air and an opportunity to enjoy the feeling of being outside adding quality to their workspace.

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