Private clinic

Moscow, Russia

Completion won in 2015

: LLC Medholding, Moscow
Design Architect - Jean-Paul Viguier and Associates, Paris
Executive Architect – Strelka Architects, Moscow
Engineering (Structural, MEP and Façade):
Werner Sobek, Stuttgart, Moscow, London
Project Size:  approximately 12 000 M²
Delivery: Summer 2018

The City of Moscow has a multitude of health establishments. In the realm of health and medical disciplines French procedures and techniques are famed and recognized. This project flourished through a private sponsor is aimed to become a private clinic a place where medicine of the future is rehearsed influenced by French methodology. This project has been approved in regards to its urban circumstance and construction. Our agency finds the role of conceptual architect in this particular operation.

This new medical center is inspired by essence of European medicine founded on the idea of assisting the patient through a passage of wellbeing. The atmosphere of the project is aimed to create a climate of serenity and tranquility. An equilibrium embedded through the architectural design, landscaping and patrimonial heritage. The architectural structure and multiple facades takes into account the strident climate in Moscow. In essence, various types of architectural glazing will be applied to these facades from transparent and translucent to reflective and opaque these will ultimately offer a sense of homogeneity throughout the project. These diverging facades aim also to reflect canopies of vegetation in the surroundings outlining the theatrical characteristic of this place and in effect, unifying the datcha, the contemporary structure and the users of the medical center.    

 This complex will be held on an area of  1ha and is positioned in the west  districts in Moscow. This project encompasses a historic residence dating back to 1936 built by Fyodor Tolbukhin, a soviet marshal which will be considered and persevered within the design. This medical center will not only integrate offices, laboratories, and radiotherapy and chemotherapy segments, consultation departments and an operation wing but also include administrative and management sections paired with dental and cosmetology departments. The open spaces between the datcha and the contemporary structure will be centered around an atrium orchestrating the flux of natural light and the dialogue between the ancient and the new.


Agency credits

Blin Trincal (project director)
Michele Circella
Samuel Locus (BIM Manager)
Christel Catteau
Juliette Chapelier
Benjamin Doré
Massimiliano Stagno
Justine Boidin 
Victoria Frigola Vidal

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