Season - Offices

Paris, 17th borough, France

Authorities : Paris Batignolles Aménagement
Architect associate: Agence SEARCH
Engineering/ Certification HQE (High Environmental Quality) : Green Affair
Area : 21 500m² NSA offices and 1 150m² of retail
Mandate :Design and oversight of works (including workshops) and overall landscaping and interior design 


The Lot 05 surface area is about 0.4 hectares and includes spaces for offices and shops and is located in western sliced of the Clichy Batignolles development zone.Between the railways and the Martin Luther King Park, its western facade runs along the railway tracks of the Gare Saint-Lazare and acts as the first line of defense to the nuisance caused by rail traffic.In its southern part it encounters and borders a new bridge and adjacent to its northern part a new footbridge is aligned which marks physically and spiritually the entrance to this new neighborhood.

The office spaces are located on the ground floor level in R +7. Business areas are on the ground floor, A multi-restaurant, RIE, with a capacity of 1,050 meals a day, is located in R +1 with its green roof accessible to staff.The aim of this operation, especially in the workshops, was to link the building to the new path and ensue a study on the neighboring lots. The project also lends itself to manufacturing of a certain base pedestal to settle the building on top to encourage and assure a smooth transition between the street and the building.

Achieving certifications like NF Tertiary Buildings HQE - 2012 and BREEAM. The design of the building will aim to achieve a consumption target of 70kWep/m² / year. (50kWep / m² / year matched the 1.4 coefficient)

Crédits Agence

Frédéric Morel
Laura Gelso
Blin Vose-Trincal
Wohn Kim
Naiara Iparragirre
Medhi Jaoua
Charlotte Wrigglesworth
Catherine Kirk

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