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Pont du Gard Museum Complex

Near Pont du Gard, France

Competition won in 1991

Client: EPCC du Pont du Gard
Landscaping: Laure Quoniam
Engineering firms: VIAL, Batelec, Céaur Infrastructures
Surface Area: Left bank 10,000 sq m NSA – Right bank 1,400 sq m NSA 
Budget: €15,2 M + Tax
Mandate: basic assignment and execution

The site and monument of the Pont du Gard (UNESCO World Heritage Site) is visited by more than one million two hundred thousand people per year under unacceptable conditions.

The project follows three objectives:

Protect and regenerate the natural landscape, extend the field of visit to cover a territory of 180ha, to better explain and convey the meaning of this heritage site.

The Pont du Gard project therefore includes the natural restoration of the site, a landscaping and pedestrian area, and two new constructions comprising the reception and a museographic complex. These two new constructions, left bank and right bank, are inserted as close as possible to the topography and respond to the constraint of non-visibility of the monument. They were built to answer questions about the construction, history and use of the structure:

● The archaeological museum is located on the left bank, where, by means of films, documents, models, etc., and under the supervision of a scientific council, the history of the monument is told. This building, made of raw concrete, is presented as a parallelepiped stone placed on the site embedded in the thickness of the existing hill;

● on the right bank there is a building with exhibition rooms and video shows on the theme of the Pont du Gard. The building implements itself inside an modern abandoned quarry. The two-volume composition of these buildings, side by side, creates a kind of "entrance gate" into the site and invites visitors to further explore and enjoy the promenade discovering the monument on the other side of the building.

A nature of hard, dry and warm scrub is found allowing the visit to be made in conditions as close as possible to the original state of construction of the aqueduct (17 AD).

in 2012, Jean-Paul Viguier donated two sets of works related to his agency's major projects, including the development of the Pont du Gard: this project is now part of the permanent collections of the Cité de l'Architecture And Heritage


Agency credits

Bertrand Beaussillon (Project director)
Yann Padlewski
Ivan Di Pol
Alison Rondel
Jean-Luc Vignon
Francesco Paolo Zaccaro